In the original film, the fact that they saved Hitler's brain was supposed to be a surprise revealed near the end when the protagonists discover the bad guys hangout.
One episode of Midsomer Murders is called "The Axeman Cometh" and is about a murderer killing members of an aging rock band.
Mood Whiplash : Megatron massacring all the Autobots to the tune of "Instruments of Destruction!" is followed by a quiet, peaceful scene of Hot Rod and Daniel fishing at a lake.Note: This is about the, generation One original animated film.About two-thirds of the way through the game, you make the (very unexpected) realization that all of Koholint Island (including the various people he's met) is just a dream of the Wind Fish, and the goal of the game is to escape the dream.The page" at the top is of the example that happens in the Made-for-TV Movie version of the Superman Broadway musical, It's a Bird!And the character is still alive, not that his name.Big, Neneh Cherry, Nine Inch Nails, No Use for a Name, Obituary, The Ocean Blue, The Orb, Ottmar Liebert, Paul Shaffer, Pavement, Phantom Blue, Porcupine Tree, Queen Latifah, Real McCoy, Richie Kotzen, Sarah McLachlan, Saraya, Sebadoh, Selena, Shakespears Sister, Sick of It All, Skid Row.Radio The Ricky Gervais Show often uses this for humour during the "Monkey News" segments, where Karl Pilkington has to tell a story about monkeys.Scavenger shoots Prowl, the blast going inside him and reaching Prowl's insides, causing him to effectively burn from the inside out with fire blazing from his mouth endlessly and his optics glowing with the light of the flames.Deal with the Devil : Unicron offers to rebuild Megatron in return for servitude; thus is born Galvatron.The title of Monstrous Regiment, if you know anything about sixteenth-century history, in particular John Knox's misogynistic Protestant tract The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.Then the Marines thoroughly beat them anyways, right?Bakuman manages to avert this, with its The Noun and the Noun titles, which often only become clear when the chapter is read.

Thus the readers weren't entirely sure if the title meant the Kills the Universe Deadpool would kill the mainstream 616 Deadpool, vice versa, or if the title referred to one of the thousands of other Deadpools killing another one.
Combat Breakdown : During Optimus Prime's final battle with Megatron, both combatants take damage and are clearly exhausted by the end of the fight.
John Dies at the End plays the trope the same way as in the book, which is to say it both inverts and subverts.
One of the Jix story arcs is called "Kelelder's Revenge however, no one in the comic (and presumably the audience if they didn't look at the title) knows that Kelelder is behind what is going.
which Simon says after Kittan dies.He's polite, cordial, and offers Megatron a job all the while speaking of the end and torturing him to make him agree.20 Minutes into the Future : "It is the year 2005." The movie came out in 1986.To be fair, it was arguably the biggest movie of 1986 as far as kids were concerned, and it was one hell of an adventure.In fact, Gedo does not die and lives through the series.The Man Behind the Man : Unicron is this to Galvatron.The School Days visual novel and anime are divided into episodes; many of the episode titles would spoil the episode they refer to, but Close on Title avoids this.It has the brothers trying to prevent Lucifer from escaping his jail.Bluestreak, Sunstreaker, Huffer, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Bombshell appear in cameos with no lines, Shockwave appears in two scenes and is implied to die, Shrapnel and Kickback are reduced to Butt Monkeys and then rebuilt, Mixmaster, Scavenger and Long Haul do not speak, Blitzwing gets one.It's probably for the best that Jim Butcher didn't go with his original name for the first book, or it would have been even more obvious.